In the past one year, the Nuclear Oncology Experts team at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Fortis Memorial Research Institute has treated 30 new patients of Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) with Ac225 PSMA Therapy (Targeted Alpha Therapy). And the results are similar to the results being achieved by most good Nuclear Medicine Centres across the world – 75-80% of the patients have shown evidence of a significant Radiological and Biochemical Response with prolonged duration of response.


The Ac225 PSMA Therapy is extremely well tolerated with minimal adverse effects that usually do not require any active management. The adverse effects usually experienced are fatigue in the immediate post-therapy, a transient mild drop in blood counts approximately three-weeks post-therapy and dry mouth.


The Ac225 used at the center is a highly purified form with no added carriers. I

t is approved by the European Medicines Association and also the Indian Pharmacopia. And the center ensures that the highest standards of quality are maintained at every level.


For CRPC patients receiving Ac225 PSMA Therapy, there cycles of treatments at intervals of two months are administered. And depending upon the response to therapy, further salvage cycles may be given. For each treatment cycle, the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital for about 24 hours. And to monitor the treatment, the patients would need to undergo some Dosimetry Scans – these scans are done up to 24 hours post-treatment on an outpatient basis. Each treatment cycle takes about two days.

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