Why I chose to take Lutetium PSMA Therapy in India

Why I chose to take Lutetium Therapy in India

Welcome to one of India’s best nuclear medicine therapy centers. Located as part of the multispecialty Fortis Memorial Research Institute, FMRI. Fortis Memorial Research Institute is located in the sprawling metropolis of Gurgaon, very close to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi international airport. The Delhi airport is a world-class and awarded airport for the ability to manage traffic and facilities offered for the passengers. Our center makes all arrangements for you to be picked up from the airport and dropped off at the hospital directly or at a hotel of your choice. There are many good hotels in and around the hospital, they offer accommodations to suit every budget. Patients can only be treated in India if they arrive on a medical visa, it is best to check Airsuvidha guidelines before booking your travel to India. The drive from the airport to the center at the FMRI Gurgaon takes about 25 min.

FMRI is one of India’s largest private-sector healthcare providers and the hospital network comprises over 22 hospitals across India. The nuclear medicine center is headed by Dr. Ishita B Sen. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of nuclear oncology, nuclear medicine, and theranostics.

Dr. Sen is ably supported by a team of over 20 doctors at the center across various facilities. The center is one of the views across the globe offering nuclear medicine therapies suggesting Lu177 PSMA, ac225 therapy, y-90 or tare, tace, and also to lead pb212 therapy. The center has state of the art Siemens digital Pet-scanner, Philips gallium pet-scan Siemens gamma camera. International patients are given priority appointments at the center.

Today we will talk about the Lu-177 or Lutetium therapy available at our center.

Day-1 is when the patient gets to meet the nuclear medicine team members who assess their physical attributes, review reports, and advise the required diagnostics. It is important for the patient to have their entire medical history and previous imaging for this meeting. The team of doctors may order a PSA test, complete blood report, Liver function test, kidney function test, a PSMA scan, or a related report.

The PSMA scan revealed the disease’s extent and location and serves as a guide for the treating doctors for the next action.

Day-2 The patients are asked to arrive early on day two on this day the therapy would be administered. Patients are advised to eat their breakfast before they reached the hospital. After completion of the admission and registration formalities which include verification of the patient’s passport and medical visa. The patients are admitted for a day and specialized therapy in the hospital.

The cannula is inserted and then the infusion begins, amino acid administered to the patients. Patients are requested to eat well and hydrate themselves as well during the therapy. Our team of doctors and the supporting staffs continue the monitor the patient's health and post the infusion of the amino acid, lutetium infusion is done. The injection may feel a little heavy and some patients experience mild pain at the side of the infusion.

This infusion typically takes 10 to 15 mins, and then the amino acid infusion is restarted.

On a typical day, patients are admitted at about 10 am and discharged by the evening. After the infusion is completed the patients are taken for a dosimetry scan to ascertain the uptake of lutetium, this scan takes about 20 minutes.

After the scan, the patients can leave the center and go rest at the hotel.

Day-3 Patients are requested to arrive at a scheduled time on day three, dosimetry scans are performed on this day, and the doctor then briefs the patients on the progress.

Day-4 is very similar to day three, another dosimetry scan is done. Patients now collect the films, discharge summary, do's and don'ts, fit-to-fly certificates, travel-card, and doctor’s notes for the records,

And a final set of instructions which include the dates for the next therapy sessions. Patients are now free to leave their home country or enjoy exploring nearby tourist destinations in India.

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