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The team of Nuclear Oncology Experts (www.nuclearmedicinetherapy.in) is a group of dedicated Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Dosimetrists, Radiation Oncologists and Technicians with extensive experience in Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics & Therapies. Operating from the Department of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging, Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurgaon in the state of Haryana, India, the centre is the first-of-its-kind dedicated Nuclear Oncology Diagnostic & Therapeutic setup in India.

With internationally trained experts and world class facilities, the regimens and protocols followed at the centre are at par with the highest world standards. All cases that come before the team are first discussed in a multi-disciplinary board that includes Medical, Radiation & Surgical Oncologists; Pathologists; Physiologists and Radiologists.


The centre boasts of the most advanced Time of Flight PET CT from Philips that offers the best-in-class small lesion detection and accuracy. The Time of Flight technology allows the machine to detect lesions as tiny as 2mm. The machine also boasts of an award winning open design which makes the scan seamless for patients with claustrophobia. The newer reconstruction techniques allows scans to be completed almost twice as fast as the other machines with much less radiation exposure.

Apart from the conventional F18 FDG PET CT, the department also offers the highly sophisticated Ga68 DOTANOC PET CT scans for imaging Neuroendocrine Tumours and APUDOMAs, Ga68 PSMA Scan for imaging Prostate Cancer and Ga 68 Exendin Scan for Insulinomas and Nesedioblastomas. The Centre is also one of the few centres in the country routinely performing PET CT Guided Biopsies and Interventional Procedures. PET CT scan based radiation treatment planning including 4D PET CT scans are also performed routinely.

Gamma Camera – The Brightview X Dual Head Gamma Camera from Philips is one of the most versatile dual Head Gamma Cameras available in the industry. Allowing a range of detector movements and a range of protocols the system is capable of performing all nuclear medicine procedures with superior patient ease and comfort.

The department performs all routine Nuclear Medicine Procedures like Bone Scans, Renal Scans, Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scans, Parathyroid Scans, Brain SPECTS, Ventilation Perfusion Scans, Venographies and Lymphangiography etc. In addition the department also offers some extremely sophisticated studies not available at most centres in the region including in-vitro studies like plasma GFR assessment, Labelled leucocyte scans and Trodat Imaging.

Radioiodine Probe: The department is equipped with a dedicated radioiodine Uptake Probe used for Iodine Studies.

Nuclear Medicine Therapy Unit: The department of Nuclear Medicine has a dedicated Therapy Unit where a host of Radioisotope therapies are routinely performed. The centre is the primary referral centre for Iodine therapy for thyroid cancer in the region. The Department is one of the pioneers in Lutetium based therapies for Neuroendocrine tumour and was the first in the country to start Lutetium PSMA therapy. The centre is also at present the only centre in the country offering myeloablative MIBG therapy for high risk neuroblastomas in children. The Centre is also the first centre to offer Targeted alpha therapy for neuroendocrine tumours, prostate cancer and certain brain tumours. What sets the Nuclear Medicine Experts apart is their ability to personalize therapies while maintaining the highest safety ethical and quality standards

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